another smokey day

Well, the brick cooked 2 more FETs today, who knows. Power supply interference maybe I don’t know . also an input filter cap popped along the way, due to? cause of? who knows but i am looking at a better RF choke on the power supply line coming right into the amp. This pic shows whats there and what popped, it cooked a cap into pieces and there is only supposed to be 50vdc on it and no RF. well, I think maybe there is a ton of RF on it over tomorrow I’ll try that direction. FETs replaced and re-biased. its working again but i’m not running it over ~50 out until I figure out how the smoke is getting out of these……FETs!!! I cleaned the board up, installed some 3.1kv .01 and a 6kv .001 cap in there. if that pops there is some serious shit going on in there!!!


 snap! Crackle POPferrite beads around the power lines coming in..maybe not helping?



found out the caps they had in the kit were under rated. ah HA! a gotchya….

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