GHC-1 Finished..

Well, I have finished the Green House controller..a few small added items will be done later but on to bigger and better this LPF now on the HF amp..yikes. Its giving folks the fits…will see if I can contribute in some way to it..

of course i’ll sell these if anyone is interested!!!



working away…

Good evening. well, got this going on still and of course the job hunt. Not a lot in the way of my work out there yet, but more will pop up soon. I have changed a few things on linked in and my resume and broadened the search…thats all I can do at this point. In the meantime I continue to add onto the graphics for the TFT display I have here for the Green House Controller. GHC-1

Most everything working, in a few weeks will hookup the electronics to complete it. Proto underway!!

OK updates. Filter board in research

so seems there is a lot of work going on , on the filter board..we will have to rip it out and update it after a few of the other guys figure out exactly what needs to be done..the one we picked up as a kit was just a prototype I guess and really didn’t work correctly. In the meantime its been snowing and I have been working on this Greenhouse controller….stay tuned. thanks..

I’m still here lol

Been busy, being laid off is work…looking for work, working on getting stuff to sell, all that, yea. then there is the cold, its been real chilly to the point I don’t wanna go out lol, so I sit here working on GLCD and TFT code, least I am still learning…I switched over to bar graphs with tick marks versus the gauge look, that’s old school. Il’l post it when I am finished and you guys can comment on the layout. the whole controller should be worth something LOL


AMP is on Hold real work to do!

I spent the day laying out some new PCB for a Greenhouse system, I will try to market and maybe make some MONEY like a real job i’ll try to update on here for that too..!

Added this to my design, going to use a 7″ tft, wrote some code last few days…!

Off Topic, but whats REALLY a topic..Jobs…

Had my first technical interview yesterday. I don’t think it went too well, but then again I’m a little pessimistic about things sometimes…and I was correct..sorry, your not qualified to read a Schematic, or make an ECO. Which I have been doing for 40 years. I guess I wasn’t the correct “fit”.¬†First interview I have had in 10 years and I had ONE before that and took the position! 2 jobs in over 30 years can’t complain! More to come..maybe?

Welcome to this all started…

Hmm, Laid off. well, I do have too many hobbies and here is one I’ll go on ad nausea about. The simple (ha) construction of a 1000w HF amplifier for Hamradio…where to begin, i’ll post some pics and we can discuss how we made (there are 6 total of us now building this) decisions on what and how and of course WHERE to buy the parts…WELCOME!